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Good afternoon from Affordable Tree Care!

We are fortunate to have finally received a winter snow storm in the last few days. Hopefully, this added moisture will alleviate some some stress on our spruces, pines and even turf grass!

Generally, this time of year we are not yet thinking about tree health and measures we can take to mitigate insect and disease problems in the growing season, but the time for Spraying dormant oil (also called horticultural oil) is soon approaching. Highly refined mineral oils are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in certified organic production. Fruit tree owners have known about the benefits or dormant oil for ever, but EVERYONE should be using it on their trees.  Dormant oil does not work like a traditional insecticide.  It is a contact insecticide only and work by smothering eggs and overwintering adults that are hidden in the trunk and twig bark. Dormant oil is effective in mitigating aphids, fruit worms, whiteflies, spider mites, mealy bugs, scale, powdery mildew, fungus gnats, plant bugs and more. Most 

We can start dormant oil treatments as soon as we have a daytime temperature of about 45 degrees and it’s safe to do multiple treatments per year.

dont let insects and disease get the jump on you this spring. Call Affordable Tree Care today and get on the schedule for this spring. 


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