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A beautiful garden can relieve stress, provide a respite from the world, and add to your home’s curb appeal. But most people don’t have the time or the knowledge to be experts in horticulture—the art and practice of garden cultivation. Horticulture and gardening go way beyond just pulling weeds and planting flowers, and if you don’t know where to start, hiring a professional horticulturist is a great option.


Affordable Tree Care has experienced professionals who can help you:

  • Plan what your garden will look like
  • Choose plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees that grow well in Salt Lake City’s climate and fit your property
  • Purchase the right plants and seeds
  • Plant your flowers and trees
  • Monitor soil health for optimal growing conditions
  • Providing ongoing treatment to prevent insect infestations
  • Maintain the garden and the plants

Our horticulture services are designed to help you create the landscape you have always dreamed about, and maintain it so it continues to look amazing for years to come.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Most people know they can purchase plants, trees, and shrubs at a local big box store or garden shop, but few people realize how important it is to start with a plan for your yard, choosing the plants, flowers, and trees that will grow best. For example, an orange tree that thrives in temperatures above 55 degrees may not survive in an environment where winter temperatures frequently fall (and stay) below zero. A professional horticulture company can help you identify which plants are best for your:

  • Soil
  • Climate
  • Sun exposure
  • Watering capabilities
  • Yard layout

They can also help you find plants based on your specific needs, for example, helping you choose trees that will provide adequate shade in the summer months or groundcover that will require only minimal upkeep and maintenance for someone too busy to tend to a garden. Working with a professional is often much easier than aimlessly wandering the aisles of the local garden store trying to figure out which plant(s) are going to work in your yard. While you may get lucky and find something, you’re far more likely to waste a lot of time and money on plants that are not suitable for your needs, require more upkeep and maintenance than you can provide, or don’t grow the way they should over time.


Our Horticulture Services

Affordable Tree Care is here to provide you with expert consultation and information about your gardening needs, as well as ongoing care and maintenance. We can provide a free estimate, answer all your questions, and get started creating the beautiful garden and yard you have always dreamed about. Schedule a consultation to talk to one of our horticulture specialists in Salt Lake City today.

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