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Insect Control

Have you started to notice signs of a potential problem with your trees and shrubs? Perhaps you’re seeing telltale signs of an insect infestation, or just signs that the trees and shrubs are sick, such as yellowing, spotting, stunted growth, or other problems. Insect infestations are actually a common reason that many trees and shrubs begin to show signs of stress, but many homeowners don’t know exactly how to address the problem. In some cases you may not even be able to see the insects that are causing all the issues, which makes it even harder to understand it and get proper care for your trees and shrubs.

tree trimming tree spraying holladay, Utah


Hiring Professionals for Insect Control

When you spot signs of an insect problem on your shrubs and trees, you may be tempted to head down to your local garden store for some products to kill the insects. The problem with this approach is that you could inadvertently cause additional damage to the tree with the wrong products or by applying them in the wrong way. If you don’t get the correct products, your trial-and-error approach could allow the insects to become entrenched and cause lasting damage.

Experienced tree care professionals have a deep understanding of the most common insect problems, as well as the best way to take care of it without harming the tree or the shrub. At Affordable Tree Care, we have specialized knowledge of local trees and can often diagnose a problem, even in cases where the harmful insects are out of sight. We know which types of insects are most likely to attack which types of trees, plants, and shrubs, as well as the common signs of each type of infestation or damage. You get a customized plan to address the insect problem, without spraying unnecessary chemicals on all your plants or wasting time on incorrect treatments that allow the insects to multiply.


A Comprehensive Approach

While insect infestations and damage often manifest above the ground in the leaves and branches of your trees and shrubs, the soil below also plays a role. We take steps for insect control above ground, but we also understand that a comprehensive approach for overall health includes improving the health of your soil. Healthy soil helps plants fight off diseases and insects and can help them recover after being subjected to insect damage. Our comprehensive approach doesn’t just treat the symptoms of the insect problem, it also takes into account the underlying cause, putting trees and shrubs on a path to a full recovery that limits future problems.


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