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Tree Disease Control

When you have trees in your yard—either for decorative landscaping purposes or to grow fruit—you want to take care of those trees and prevent disease. Unfortunately there are many different diseases and insects that can harm trees without proper care and prevention. Keeping trees healthy and disease-free requires a comprehensive approach starting with optimal soil conditions, and including proper pruning, fertilization, and inspections as part of your tree’s ongoing care. It also requires specialized knowledge and experience with various types of fertilizer and other products to create ideal growing conditions and avoid damaging the trees.

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Understanding Tree Diseases

Most people have very little knowledge of the diseases and abnormalities that can affect a tree and how to prevent them. The most common diseases are caused by:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Drought
  • Temperature extremes
  • Air pollution

The key to treating a tree for disease is first to identify what is causing the problem, then create a plan to effectively eliminate the disease-causing agent and restore the tree to health. Accurate diagnosis at the beginning is essential to avoid wasted time and effort trying to treat your trees for the wrong problem.


Why Training and Experience Matters

If you’re a casual gardener or homeowner with trees you probably don’t spend a lot of time researching and identifying common tree diseases, which puts you at a disadvantage when you need to diagnose a problem and treat it. Many people can miss the early signs of a problem, allowing the disease to grow and fester inside the tree for weeks, months, or even years. By the time you do realize there is an issue, it could be too late to save your tree. Affordable Tree Care’s arborists are experienced professionals who understand tree care and maintenance, and can also spot the signs of a problem so it can be addressed effectively to save your tree whenever possible and avoid the need for tree removal down the road.

Our tree experts also have all the necessary equipment and training to safely inspect and prune trees if they are impacted by disease and need to be trimmed to improve health or remove unsightly dead branches. We also have all the necessary protective gear to prevent injuries during tree care and trimming activities.


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The first step when you think your trees might be suffering from disease is to call our professional team for a consultation. We’ll come inspect your trees and provide you with professional recommendations on the best way to treat the disease and spare the tree if possible. Even if you don’t have diseased trees now, call us for a consultation to discuss ongoing maintenance and care that will prevent disease in the future.

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