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benefits spring tree fertilization

Benefits Associated With Spring Tree Fertilization

While we may still be in the throes of winter for now, spring is quickly approaching – some might even consider it right around the corner. And for diligent tree owners, this means it’s time to consider a few care areas for the trees on your property, namely spring tree fertilization.

At Affordable Tree Care, our arborist services feature a variety of tree spraying and health services, including micro nutrient fertilization we can inject into nearly any tree. Why is spring a beneficial time of year for tree fertilization, particularly for evergreen tree types? Here are some basics on the general benefits of spring fertilization.

benefits spring tree fertilization

Replenishing Vital Nutrients

While trees are self-sustaining in many ways, including their ability to obtain many of their own nutrients, the winter period is often a difficult one in this realm. The number of nutrients available drops significantly during the cold, and your trees’ ability to consume those that remain is limited.

This is one of the primary benefits of spring tree fertilization. It provides a valuable boost in nutrients that will help kickstart the spring period, replenishing natural nutrients that were limited during the winter period and helping the tree grow in healthy ways.

Green Canopy

For those looking to promote a healthy green tree canopy that will retain its color and quality for as long as possible spring is a vital time for fertilization. Doing so at this time of the year provides maximum boost to the color canopy, allowing it to stay a beautiful shade of green all the way through the fall season – at which point, fall fertilization can be done to boost them again through the impending winter.

Fighting Disease and Insects

When we talk about nutrients, another reason they’re so important is the way they help trees fight off various potential diseases. Trees with subpar nutrient levels will not have the proper defenses available at all times.

The same goes for preventing insects that may look to invade and consume much of the tree. Those with proper nutrients have the defenses against such insects, but those without may not. This is why spring fertilization is vital, to ensure protection is present before such risks grow too large.

Can You Wait?

Generally speaking, we do recommend fertilizing trees, especially evergreens, in the spring before major new growth begins taking place. Certain trees might do fine waiting until mid-summer for fertilization, particularly if you’re specifically aiming for late-season growth into the fall – but you should contact our arborists and ask for their expertise on this area before you choose to hold off on spring fertilization, as there could be significant risks for some trees.

For more on the benefits of spring tree fertilization, or to learn about any of our tree spraying, tree removal or other services, speak to the staff at Affordable Tree Care today.

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