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Storm Damage Services In Salt Lake City, Utah

Unfortunately, storms can bring down even the healthiest-looking trees or branches. High winds, rain, and snowstorms can damage trees and leave branches strewn about your yard. In severe cases, storms can also cause larger branches or an entire tree to fall. If you’re lucky those branches will fall into your yard, but in some cases they may land on a roof or other part of your home and lead to serious damage. If your trees have been victims of a storm, give Affordable Tree Care a call. We can clean up the debris and remove broken branches—or the entire tree if necessary.

Professional Help with Storm-Damaged Trees

You may be tempted to grab your chainsaw and try to remove those downed trees or large branches on your own, but doing so can put you and your home at risk. Some of the most common risks and dangers include:

  • Causing damage to nearby power lines or electrical wires that could lead to electrocution injuries or even death
  • Cutting the wrong part of a downed tree or branch and causing more damage to your home or nearby structures from other parts of the tree falling on it
  • Chainsaw injuries that can result from inexperience using these dangerous tools on large and unpredictable hanging or fallen trees, tree stumps, and branches
  • Injuries from falling off a ladder or roof while trying to cut portions of a downed tree or branch

You need someone with the right experience and the right safety equipment to avoid injuries and remove the tree or the branches safely without causing more damage to the area in and around your yard.

When we come to help with storm damage, we’ll try to spare as much of the tree as possible that was not damaged, ensuring that it is safe and not a risk to the structures, people, or other trees surrounding it. If it cannot be salvaged, we can remove the tree and the stump to preserve the safety and beauty of your landscape in the future.


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