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Arborist Performing Tree Trimming & Spraying in Holladay, Utah

It can be easy to forget from time to time, but Holladay and surrounding areas of Utah are part of a desert climate. This means trees and other plant life require care that differs from other areas of the country, with pros experienced with the local terrain and soil conditions.

At Affordable Tree Care, that’s exactly what you get – and more. We have over three decades of experience serving clients throughout the Salt Lake Valley, helping with everything from basic seasonal inspections to in-depth tree care, trimming and even removal services. We provide all these services through caring local professionals with a high level of knowledge serving your area.

tree trimming tree spraying holladay, Utah

Tree Spraying and Health Practices

That Utah climate we touched on above? It can be challenging, with potential issues from underwatering and several other areas, but it’s easily navigable with the right experts and resources on your side. It requires seasoned pros who don’t subscribe to the “cookie cutter” tree care approach – all our tree care experts offer our prescription tree service, which evaluates every tree individually and determines the proper care.

Our tree health services include all of the following:

  • Spraying and insect control: No matter which stage of tree pest control you require, we’re here to help. For starters, we provide high-quality preventive services that supplement the natural defenses your trees have for insects. A variety of potential problems, from aphids and beetles to other dangers like mildew, can be prevented from ever causing an issue with the right care.

    And in cases where infestations have already begun in your trees, we can help as well. Our spraying services are great for spider mites and several other tough pests, involving mineral oil that is not harmful to the environment or the trees themselves.

  • Fertilization: Rather than shoveling nitrogen down their figurative throats, we’re here to provide customized micro-nutrient products to trees and shrubs.
  • Injections: We can also provide specific injections for tree health, provided into the tree’s vascular system or soil.
  • Consultations: We’re always happy to sit down with you and plan out an improved tree care path.

Tree Trimming and Removal

The Affordable Tree Care experts are also here to help if your trees have been damaged or require basic physical care. Our services here:

  • Trimming: Tree trimming helps prevent breakage, remove dead or dying elements, and improve overall tree life expectancy.
  • Removal: Our first course of action will always be to look for care solutions that can extend the life of your trees. In some cases, however, removal will be necessary – we can provide this in safe, healthy ways that keep other nearby trees or plants protected.

Best Tree Service Pros Around

All of these services are provided by experienced, caring professionals. We only employ tree care experts who are properly licensed and registered, and we carry a full range of appropriate contractor insurance coverage. No matter the difficulty of your job, we’re here to help – high-risk jobs that other companies won’t take on are some of our specialties.

To learn more about what we can do for your trees in Holladay and nearby areas, call the pros at Affordable Tree Care today to set up an appointment.

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