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Arborist Delivering Expert Tree Trimming & Spraying in Salt Lake City, Utah

Are you looking for a caring, dedicated team of local pros to maintain your trees both healthy and gorgeous? You’ve come to the right place. The quality pros at Affordable Tree Care, with over 30 years of experience in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas of Utah, is here to help.

Whether it’s providing your trees with basic annual inspections and maintenance, helping with trimming and maintenance, or applying our expertise to numerous areas of tree health and longevity, there’s no element of tree care we can’t assist you with. We’re experienced with every variety of tree type out there, and our pros regularly assist clients with areas like root system needs or seasonal services.

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Certified Local Tree Care Professionals

The foundation of our tree service is our team of professionals, who combine to bring our clients the highest quality tree service in the Salt Lake Valley. We only employ technicians who are licensed, certified and registered with the state, and you’ll never work with a professional who isn’t properly insured to protect all parties involved.

Wondering about our track record? We’re happy to provide you with a long list of thrilled clients who have stacked up over the last three decades. Our team specializes in high-risk trimming jobs, something many of our competitors can’t handle, and we’re also experts in removing both trees and their resulting stumps.

Tree Trimming & Removal Services

Two of the primary tree services needed throughout Salt Lake City and nearby areas are trimming and removal, and our pros help with both:

  • Tree trimming: For a variety of reasons, trees need to be “pruned,” or trimmed, regularly. Branches and other growths can be both a health risk to the tree and a significant hazard for the surrounding areas, namely both homes and power lines in the area.

    The proper trimming can extend a tree’s lifespan by decades, helping keep it healthy and structurally sound. We’ll consult with you on basics like age, health and location on the property before we begin.

  • Tree removal: For starters, we can help you assess whether a given tree is truly in need of removal, or whether some other kind of care can help save it. In cases where trees are either dead or beyond saving, we can help remove them fully so they pose no risk to other plant life in the area.

Tree Spraying & Health

At Affordable Tree Care, we offer a prescription tree service that focuses on personalized treatments for each tree. All of the following areas are covered:

  • Insect Issues: We can help supplement your trees’ natural insect defenses with the latest, healthies products in the industry.
  • Injections: We can provide you with high-quality tree bark or soil injections to protect everything from shrubs to the trunk of the tree.
  • Fertilization: Providing assistance to the tree’s nutrient and defense system.
  • Spraying: For trees dealing with direct pest infestations, we can provide quality products to deal with them in a way that doesn’t hurt the trees or the environment.

For more on our various tree services in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, contact the pros at Affordable Tree Care today.

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