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Arborist Offering Tree Trimming & Spraying in Draper, Utah

At Affordable Tree Care, we take pride in the high quality of our tree care services. As a community-based company with local roots and over 30 years serving residents in Draper, Utah and surrounding areas, we only offer professional-quality work from experienced pros.

Are you in need of basic trimming or removal services for your trees or shrubs? We’ve got you covered. What about storm damage or stump grinding? We’re here to help. And of course, we’re always on hand to help with spraying and other vital tree health services that will keep your trees standing beautifully for decades.

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Dependable Local Tree Care Experts

The last thing you need when you require tree service is an inexperienced tech sent by a big conglomerate with no actual roots in Draper or other parts of Utah. Trees are a vital part of the local environment, and their proper care is best achieved by professionals experienced with the land, soil and climate conditions.

With Affordable Tree Care, you get that expertise along with friendly service every time. We’re happy to provide you with our references to hundreds of happy clients, including those we’ve accomplished high-risk jobs for that other tree companies wouldn’t touch. For those concerned about credentials, we can present our licensing, certifications, and insurance details as needed.

Tree Trimming or Removal Services

Some of the primary care elements for all tree types are in the physical realm. We’re on hand to assist with a couple significant areas here:

  • Trimming: A vital part of keeping trees healthy and extending their lifespan is properly trimming them at various points. Whether this is to avoid breakage issues during high winds or to remove branches that are either dying or hazardous to humans or structures, we’ll set your trees straight – literally and figuratively.
  • Removal: While our priority is always to exhaust other care options first, some trees have reached the end of the road and need to be removed. This process needs to be carried out carefully, however, to avoid damaging the surrounding land and other trees or structures. We’ll do this while hauling away all tree debris.

Tree Health and Insect Spraying

At Affordable Tree Care, we feel that every tree deserves its own personal care. When assessing each individual tree on your property, we can provide all of the following health services:

  • Injections: We can inject your trees in healthy ways that protect various areas from pests, disease and other concerns.
  • Fertilization: We avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful nitrogen, instead focusing on micro-nutrients that can be injected into the soil or the tree itself.
  • Insects: We can assist you with both prevention and organic removal of pests in your trees, from aphids and beetles to miners and things like mildew, saw fly, looper and many others.
  • General care: We can offer basic consultations, maintenance and other essential customized care services.

For more on what we can do for the trees on your Draper property, contact the experts at Affordable Tree Care today.

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