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Local Arborist Providing Tree Trimming & Spraying in West Jordan, Utah

Whether your property contains just a couple small trees or is home to a lush variety of trees and other shrubs, you need experts who treat every tree like the unique piece of nature it is. And at Affordable Tree Care, that’s exactly what you get.

When you work with us, you get a dedicated team ready to handle any tree job in West Jordan or nearby areas of Utah. We’ve helped local residents with everything from standard inspections and maintenance care up to some of the most unique trimming or removal jobs out there.

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Local Tree Care Service Expertise

Affordable Tree Care is proud to be one of the longest-serving locally owned and operated tree companies in the entire nation. We’ve been bringing high-quality tree services to the Salt Lake Valley for over 30 years now, always at the forefront of the latest technology to bring our clients the most efficient and cost-effective tree care available.

Our service starts with our friendly professionals, all of whom are fully licensed, certified and covered by our company-wide insurance. We strive to build a relationship with each of our clients, which we bolster by taking on high-risk jobs many of our competitors won’t touch – and our list of happy references can attest to this.

Tree Removal and Trimming Services

The foundation of our tree services is our expertise in the physical areas of tree care, which include two prominent areas:

  • Tree trimming: Over time, trees may grow or develop in ways that aren’t conducive to long-term health – both for themselves and your surrounding property. We’ll help trim them down to remove dead or diseased branches, plus any that might put people or structures at risk.
  • Removal: When trees no longer have any other options for care, they can become a hazard to others in the area or your overall property. We’ll help remove them fully and safely.

Tree Health, Spraying and Maintenance

We’re dedicated to the health of your trees, with several services that will help keep them protected from various risks:

  • Spraying and insect control: Whether your trees have a current pest infestation or you’re looking to prevent the possibility of this in the future, we’re here to assist you. We can provide healthy, long-lasting preventive services that will keep infestations away, plus fast and effective pest control solutions in cases where pests are already present. All our services here are
  • Other maintenance: We offer regular consultations and planning sessions for everything from basic yearly care to specific needs.
  • Fertilization: We use micro-nutrient building blocks to supplement the natural defenses present in your trees and soil.
  • Healthy injections: We provide injections through bark systems and into the soil, with modern systems that protect plant life.

For more on any of our tree services in West Jordan or the rest of the valley, speak to the pros at Affordable Tree Care today.

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