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emerald ash borer signs prevention


Emerald Ash Borer Risks, Signs and Prevention Methods

Across Utah and much of the rest of the Wasatch, ash trees are extremely common and define much of the landscape. They also offer specific benefits like erosion prevention and heat limitation due to their size, but they must also receive proper care – including from various pests that may look to invade.

At Affordable Tree Care, our arborists are proud to provide a wide range of tree disease control services, including insect control to prevent common pests. One pest that threatens ash trees in some areas: The emerald ash borer. What is this pest, are you at-risk from it in Utah, and how can you prevent any such risks? Here’s a primer on the emerald ash borer.

emerald ash borer signs prevention


bur oak blight symptoms prevention

Bur Oak Blight Symptoms, Issues and Prevention, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on a condition known as bur oak blight. One of the only conditions that regularly affects bur oak trees, bur oak blight is a fungal disease that was only discovered within the last three decades, most common in midwestern states like Utah.

At Affordable Tree Care, we’re happy to provide a variety of tree disease control and spraying services, including for prevention or treatment of conditions like bur oak blight. Whether your trees require spraying, fertilization, pest prevention methods or any other related area, our arborists will assist you every step of the way. In today’s part two of our series on bur oak blight

bur oak blight symptoms prevention

Bur Oak Blight Symptoms, Issues and Prevention, Part 1

While oaks are a broad group of tree species that are known for their resilience and general strength, there are still certain diseases and risks they’re exposed to. Within a particular group of oaks, known as the bur oak tree, one of the most common such conditions is known as bur oak blight.

At Affordable Tree Care, we’re proud to offer comprehensive tree health services, from disease control to tree spraying, fertilization and several other related areas. We’ve helped many clients deal with their bur oak blight issues in the past, and we’re on-hand to perform the same duties for you if you have this species on your property and these issues are appearing. This two-part blog will go over …

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