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tree trunk injections fall season


The Value of Tree Trunk Injections During Fall Season

Recently in this space, we discussed the major importance of tree care during the fall season. This transitional period between the summer and winter is vital for everything from tree nutrients to trunk, branch and leaf quality considerations, plus for providing the kinds of protections that allow the trees on your property to stay free of pests and disease during the cold winter ahead.

At Affordable Tree Care, we’re proud to offer a wide array of tree spraying and disease control services, along with tree trimming, removal and other needs throughout the year. One particular method that’s often a must for your trees during the fall season is a trunk injection – what is this, what does it …

fall tree care preventing disease

Why Fall Tree Care is Vital for Preventing Disease and Infestation

With the warm summer quickly turning into a cooler fall and signaling the changing seasons, homeowners around Utah are beginning to prepare for the upcoming cold months. This includes numerous areas both inside and outside the home, and it’s important not to forget about any trees on your property during these efforts.

At Affordable Tree Care, our arborist services include a wide range of fall-related items, from necessary tree trimming or removal to ensuring your trees are healthy via professional tree spraying and related services. Fall is a vital period for the health and future longevity of your trees – let’s look at why this is the case, plus some steps we’ll help you take toward preventing disease and other …

preventing tree pests diseases

Identifying and Preventing Tree Pests and Related Diseases

For the vast majority of tree species, there are two primary threats: Insects and disease. And as longtime tree owners or arborists will be well aware, insect infestation and tree disease often give off similar symptoms, and also may have some crossover in terms of disease spread.

At Affordable Tree Care, we’re happy to offer a wide range of tree spraying, injections and other health services that both prevent infestations and help ward them off when they’re already present. Our prescription tree service includes custom evaluations on each of your trees, plus products meant to work well with various types. In today’s space, we’ll look at some of the common signs and high seasons for various tree pests, plus …

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