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common tree diseases symptoms


Common Tree Diseases and Their Symptoms, Part 2

In part one of this multi-part blog series, we went over some of the common tree diseases that may impact your trees throughout the year, plus their symptoms. Trees are susceptible to a number of different conditions depending on their species, size, location and other factors, and understanding which they might be at risk for and how to protect them and check for signs of any such conditions is very important.

At Affordable Tree Care, we’re proud to provide tree spraying and healthcare services for all your property’s trees throughout the year. Through proper injections, fertilization and other services, we can prevent everything from pests to many forms of tree disease. In today’s blog, we’ll detail a few more of …

common tree diseases symptoms

Common Tree Diseases and Their Symptoms, Part 1

At Affordable Tree Care, the health of your trees is our top priority. Whether we’re assisting you with tree or shrub trimming, assessing storm damage or providing our specific tree spraying services, you know your trees are in the best possible hands.

Our spraying services accomplish several things, namely managing and even preventing a number of potential diseases that may impact trees throughout various parts of the year. These outbreaks may be seasonal or regional, and often impact specific species of tree. This multi-part blog series will detail several of the most common tree-related diseases that might crop up, plus some symptoms that signal the condition and possible solutions if your trees are impacted by any of them.

common tree diseases symptoms


relationship sun exposure tree health

Relationship Between Sun Exposure and Tree Health

When it comes to any form of plant life, from smaller shrubs up to bushes, large plants and trees, one of the simplest requirements out there is sunlight. Different plants require varying amounts of sunlight plus other factors to survive, but virtually all share this common characteristic.

At Affordable Tree Care, our tree trimming and shrub removal services are geared in large part toward creating the proper levels of sun exposure and shade for the trees and other elements of your property. Let’s go over the basics on why sun exposure is important for trees, some of the varying levels of sun exposure and the terms for them in the tree world, plus a couple important planning tips when it …

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