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Arborist Providing Tree Care Services in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

If you’re looking for dedicated local tree professionals with decades of experience in Cottonwood Heights and surrounding areas of Utah, you’ve come to the right place. The experts at Affordable Tree Care are available to help with tree concerns large and small, whether you’re on a tiny property with a couple trees or a huge landscape with several types to care for.

Don’t settle for non-local, cookie-cutter services that spray some rote chemicals and then move on to the next job. Trust a team with 30 years of experience in your area, local ownership and operation, and the expertise to handle every job your trees might require.

tree trimming tree spraying Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Tree Trimming and Necessary Removal Services

For most trees, vital care begins with several important physical areas. Trees can benefit significantly from a couple basic services on their branches and other components:

  • Trimming: All trees, no matter the size or type, need the right kind of pruning and trimming for optimal health. Trees that lack this service will risk branches that break during wind or storms, plus the potential for branches spreading disease, dying, or worse yet impacting structures or people. Based on your tree’s age and other important health factors, we can trim and remove branches as necessary.
  • Removal: In other cases, trees will be either dead or diseased beyond recovery, and keeping them on the property may actually put other trees or plants at risk. In these cases, we’ll perform tree removal services from start to finish, including hauling stumps and debris so your yard is clean.

Insect Spraying and Other Health Services

At Affordable Tree Care, we believe that each tree deserves its own personal care – and that’s how we approach our services. We offer all of the following health-related services for your Cottonwood Heights trees:

  • Insect spraying and prevention: For starters, we’ll help supplement your trees’ natural defenses against pests and various conditions like mildew or hard scale using advanced technologies. In addition, we can organically spray trees that have become infested, helping them rid this invasion in an environmentally conscious way.
  • Fertilization: We use micro-nutrient building blocks to keep trees healthy and growing.
  • Injections: We can avoid spraying into tree canopies, instead injecting treatments right into their bark and into the vascular system.
  • Long-term maintenance: We’re here to help with consultations and any other maintenance needs you have.

Quality Tree Care Service Pros

With Affordable Tree Care, you get pros who won’t quit until your job is done. Our local tree experts specialize in high-risk trimming jobs other companies won’t go near, and can provide the licensing, certifications and insurance to back this kind of work up. These offerings are why we’ve spent 30 years serving Cottonwood Heights and other surrounding areas, with clients who come back to us year after year.

For more information on any of our services, call us today to set up an appointment.

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