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Expert Arborist Providing Tree Trimming & Spraying in South Jordan, Utah

If you’re in need of a team of friendly experts to handle your year-round tree care services, look no further. The professionals at Affordable Tree Care are at your service.

With over 30 years of experience serving clients in South Jordan, Utah and many surrounding cities, we’re here to fill all your tree care needs in one convenient package. Our tree experts are all certified local pros who understand how the Utah climate and soil will impact your trees. We can provide everything from basic inspections and maintenance to high-risk jobs other companies won’t take on, all for affordable and transparent rates.

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Lasting Health Care & Spraying Services

At Affordable Tree Care, our tree health services are meant to give all your trees the tools and nutrients to maximize their beauty and lifespan. We subscribe to what we like to call a prescription tree service – every tree is treated individually with custom inspections and treatment services, which include all of the following:

  • Tree and soil injections: We can inject nutrients and protective elements into either your trees’ vascular system or the soil. We do this using a system that’s beneficial to both trees and surrounding shrubs, plus has virtually no negative environmental effect.
  • Spraying: We can help get any tree pest issues under control quickly and effectively using organic methods that won’t harm your property.
  • Prevention: On top of spraying services, we also provide injections with products meant to protect trees from pest infestations to begin with.
  • Fertilization: Rather than potentially harmful nitrogen, we use micro-nutrients that are injected into soil or trees.
  • Maintenance: We’ll take the time to help you plan out all the future care needs for your trees and shrubs.

Trimming and Removal

Our pros have years of experience handling trimming and removal services for a wide variety of tree types and sizes.

  • Trimming: Also called pruning, tree trimming is vital for allowing trees to reach their maximum growth and health potential. It removes branches that might be dead or dying and could interfere with growth, and that might be hazardous to nearby structures or even people on the property. It also helps trees look and balance better. Ask our pros about the kind of trimming services we’d recommend based on your tree’s age, health and other factors.
  • Removal: While we prefer to assess other available options first, some trees must be removed before they cause harm to the area. We’ll handle this job from start to finish, leaving no debris or mess for you to clean up.

Friendly Tree Care Service Expertise

Get all of the above and more from friendly, experienced professionals who care about your yard like it was their own. Our tree experts are all licensed and insured for all your needs, with years of dedicated experienced in South Jordan and surrounding areas.

To learn more about any of our tree health, trimming, removal or other services, contact the pros at Affordable Tree Care today.

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