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preventing tree pests diseases

Identifying and Preventing Tree Pests and Related Diseases

For the vast majority of tree species, there are two primary threats: Insects and disease. And as longtime tree owners or arborists will be well aware, insect infestation and tree disease often give off similar symptoms, and also may have some crossover in terms of disease spread.

At Affordable Tree Care, we’re happy to offer a wide range of tree spraying, injections and other health services that both prevent infestations and help ward them off when they’re already present. Our prescription tree service includes custom evaluations on each of your trees, plus products meant to work well with various types. In today’s space, we’ll look at some of the common signs and high seasons for various tree pests, plus some basic treatment options available to you.

preventing tree pests diseases

Signs and Seasons for Tree Pests

For starters, it’s good to know when during a given year you should be most diligent about checking for pest infestations. Most insects and diseases hit during summer, with the current late summer period known as a high-risk time for both. As a result, you should be spending time each week looking for major changes in bark, leaves, needles or branches.

Some of the specific signs that pests or disease are impacting your trees may include:

  • Holes forming in leaves
  • Leaves of strange sizes, generally too small
  • Thinning leaves or tree needles
  • Leaves or needles that are turning a strange color
  • Holes or loose bark found on the tree trunk
  • Branches that have stopped growing prematurely
  • Roots lifting up and out of the ground

If you notice any of these issues, look closer for specific insects. If you’re able to trap one or two, bring them to our arborists before your spraying or injection appointment. If you can’t capture one, do your best to take a picture – either of the pest itself or of the damage being caused to the tree.

Pine Beetles

There are numerous pine trees throughout Utah, and a specific risk to these species are known as pine beetles. Because of the severity of a pine beetle infestation, most trees impacted by them have to be removed entirely – for this reason, preventing them to begin with is vital. If you notice any rust-colored needles, needle loss or pitch release, things may have already gone too far. Speak to our team about advanced treatment to ward off these pine beetles before they get a chance to invade.

Pre-Treatment Options

There are also several other pre-treatment options at your disposal to prevent pests and disease. These options are simple and affordable – far cheaper, for instance, than the cost of tree trimming or even removal and other services if you allow an infestation to take place.

For more on how we can protect your trees from pest infestation and disease, or to learn about any of our tree trimming services, speak to the staff at Affordable Tree Care today.

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