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Relationship Between Sun Exposure and Tree Health

When it comes to any form of plant life, from smaller shrubs up to bushes, large plants and trees, one of the simplest requirements out there is sunlight. Different plants require varying amounts of sunlight plus other factors to survive, but virtually all share this common characteristic.

At Affordable Tree Care, our tree trimming and shrub removal services are geared in large part toward creating the proper levels of sun exposure and shade for the trees and other elements of your property. Let’s go over the basics on why sun exposure is important for trees, some of the varying levels of sun exposure and the terms for them in the tree world, plus a couple important planning tips when it …

A Message from the Owner


As I debated with myself about my first blog post, I was torn between many styles. I don’t want to preach nor do I wish to be vague. I decided to try to help as I do when I am on site and with a new or an existing customer.

Your trees are valuable. They provide cooling shade and beauty in your environment. They also add greatly to the value of your property. But these same trees can be very expensive if not properly maintained. It is imperative that your trees and shrubs be correctly pruned, and proper maintenance such as fertilizing and pest treatment are recommended.

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At Affordable Tree Care, we will work hard to show you how beautiful properly maintained trees can be. We are equipped to offer you a complete range of tree care options, and we have the skills and experience to make sure the job is done right.

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