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fall tree care preventing disease

Why Fall Tree Care is Vital for Preventing Disease and Infestation

With the warm summer quickly turning into a cooler fall and signaling the changing seasons, homeowners around Utah are beginning to prepare for the upcoming cold months. This includes numerous areas both inside and outside the home, and it’s important not to forget about any trees on your property during these efforts.

At Affordable Tree Care, our arborist services include a wide range of fall-related items, from necessary tree trimming or removal to ensuring your trees are healthy via professional tree spraying and related services. Fall is a vital period for the health and future longevity of your trees – let’s look at why this is the case, plus some steps we’ll help you take toward preventing disease and other tree risks during this vital time of year.

fall tree care preventing disease

Why Fall is Important for Tree Health

While some may think of the summer as the “easier” season for trees, and they might in fact be right compared with winter, the warm season still involves a few different strains on your trees. They experience a variety of weather patterns, from high heat for much of the day to the occasional strong rainstorm, plus differing wind amounts. Over enough time, this wind and heat combination in particular can wear down certain tree elements.

On top of this, trees use up many of their natural nutrients during the summer as they protect themselves from pests and disease. The fall is a period where both tree owners and arborists like ours are looking to help rejuvenate trees as they transition into winter, allowing them to rebuild their defenses and endure through the cold season.

Moisture Steps

Even among homeowners who have been diligent about providing water to trees during the hot summer, it’s possible trees will still be somewhat lacking in this area as fall rolls around. A big part of this is their soil, which if properly maintained will hold in moisture content and ensure that the right nutrients can be distributed throughout the tree’s structure.

To help maintain these qualities, we’ll assist you with areas like mulching, fertilization and other soil-related steps. The idea is to prepare them to survive the winter, allowing them to naturally resist attacks from diseases or pest infestation.

Soil and Roots

Not only will we help with those basic services, we’ll also help you dig into several specifics of the soil beneath your trees, including its compaction and specific acidity levels. If your soil has any deficiencies after summer, such as iron, we’ll provide natural supplementation to make up for this loss. We’ll leave you with a strong, robust root system that can endure cold weather and any risks that come with it.

For more on the kinds of protective services your trees require during fall to keep them safe from disease and infestation during the cool months, or to learn about any of our tree trimming or removal services, speak to the staff at Affordable Tree Care today.

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