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tree trunk injections fall season

The Value of Tree Trunk Injections During Fall Season

Recently in this space, we discussed the major importance of tree care during the fall season. This transitional period between the summer and winter is vital for everything from tree nutrients to trunk, branch and leaf quality considerations, plus for providing the kinds of protections that allow the trees on your property to stay free of pests and disease during the cold winter ahead.

At Affordable Tree Care, we’re proud to offer a wide array of tree spraying and disease control services, along with tree trimming, removal and other needs throughout the year. One particular method that’s often a must for your trees during the fall season is a trunk injection – what is this, what does it do for your trees, and why is it valuable during this time of the year? Here’s a look at everything you need to know about trunk injections.

tree trunk injections fall season

What Trunk Injections Do

Using capsules that are part of the solution injected, tree trunk injections infuse both fertilizers and insecticides directly into the xylem of your trees. Unlike some other methods of providing these materials, this ensures that 100% of the nutrients and other valuable elements the tree needs are passed directly to it, with no run-off or leaching from soil or other components.

Pest Prevention

One of the top areas of value trunk injections provide, through the injection of insecticide, is prevention of winter pests. You may think of tree pests as only a concern during warm weather, but this is an incorrect assumption – several types operate primarily during the winter.

These include winter moths, emerald ash borer larva and several other potential types depending on your tree species. These pests can lead to everything from defoliation to major bark damage and even tree death in some cases, so preventing them from being a risk is vital. Trees are most susceptible to pests and similar risks during the winter, which is why this is so important.


On top of preventing pest and disease risks, trunk injections also provide an excellent opportunity for fertilization during the fall. Many tree types are dormant during the winter – supplying them with nutrients during the fall allows them to use just enough to strengthen their root systems headed into the cold season, then store the remainder until spring so they have some reserves to begin coming out of dormancy. These nutrients are vital on both ends here, helping trees fortify themselves before winter but then also kick-starting their development when the frost wears off in early spring.

For more on the value of tree trunk injections during the fall, or to learn about any of our tree spraying or disease control services, speak to the staff at Affordable Tree Care today.

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